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Hi, we are Anneke & Remko.

We love helping you grow fresh & healthy food. Anywhere on our planet.

What once started as our own local farm in Barcelona, grew out to be a cultivation solution and growing method for microgreen farmers all over the world!

Our processes are designed for the typical small to medium sized local farms and our low-tech automated modular systems are made for both starting a farm and scaling it up.

We love to share our knowledge and help you grow healthy and sustainable food.

Locally, where you are.

A little about your instructors

Hi there, I’m Anneke!

I am one of the co-founders of and of this Urban Agriculture Academy. We aim to share as much knowledge on sustainable urban farming as we can

You might have seen me sharing such knowledge on the YouTube videos out there or in my TEDx Barcelona talk about healthy sustainable local food.

I love food, health and nature, which is why I started my journey of growing microgreens for myself and others many years ago. This further sparked my interest in permaculture and regenerative agriculture. And nature continues to inspire me to be, what I like to call, a regenerative learner and doer.

Hi, I’m Remko!

I am one of the co-founders of our professional urban microgreen farm here in Barcelona, Spain and the Urban Agriculture Academy.

I love to help other entrepreneurs successfully start their (microgreen) businesses. In total, I started 8 companies (startups) of which 5 failed. I learned a lot from that and I’m more than happy to share the lessons learned along the way!!

If I’m not working, you’ll find me getting creative in the kitchen or doing BJJ or Muay Thai. (Martial arts).

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